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"I am pleased to share my positive experience working with James during a critical phase in my professional journey. Transitioning from a large management consulting firm to a niche tech startup was a complex process, and James played a pivotal role in making it smoother.

What stands out about James is his natural and approachable coaching style. He creates an environment that encourages open communication, making it easy to discuss challenges and obstacles. His ability to serve as a sounding board was particularly beneficial during this significant career shift.

James's real-world experience in dealing with similar career transitions is a game-changer. His insights provided practical perspectives and a structured framework for navigating the complexities of leaving my previous company and integrating into the tech startup environment.

One of the most valuable aspects of James's coaching was the personalized framework he offered for balancing work, family, and personal well-being. This guidance has empowered me to approach my professional and personal life with a growth mindset.

In conclusion, I highly recommend James as a business coach for anyone navigating career transitions. His down-to-earth coaching style, combined with his wealth of experience and practical advice, has made a meaningful impact on my professional journey."

Douw Wandrag, Aera Technology​

"James' ability to listen and comprehend is incredible and this has allowed me to reshape my whole outlook. 


This has empowered me to embrace rather than fear “difficult” conversations, by putting strategies in place to ensure I go into the conversations knowing what good looks like for me, better managing my expectations and allowing a calmer response when the inevitable happens and something doesn't quite go to plan. 


Ultimately, James has helped me pick myself up from extreme lows this year which has both improved how I see myself, but also dramatically changed how I'm viewed at work too."


Steve Hubble, Head of partnerships at Centtrip Ltd

"THANK YOU. People have been so eager to share their appreciation for the session on Wednesday and full of praise for the tone you set and the atmosphere you created. A great result. Thank you.


A really powerful moment for the business and expertly crafted by you. It’s incredible how quickly the impact of such a session can have on the business. It’s being referenced in all my conversations with the team and will really help people think differently in more challenging moments and how they shape their days/weeks."


David H, Director, The Value Engineers

"You provided that ‘human element’ with real emotion that I think really helped connect with people (rather than the experience of other trainers that don’t quite hit the mark). I think your own personal experiences helped with authenticity, and it certainly resonated with me. The breakout sessions you provided were found very useful to get conversations going and making them think about some of the areas we spoke about – and having the chance and opportunity to do this - gets them thinking (and me!)"


Kate Whiffen, Associate Director, Opinium

"Like most people, I struggle mentally at times in a business environment and just try and soldier on. I found James to be a huge help during these times in unblocking the negative thoughts and behaviours which were holding me back and limiting my potential. James helped me because he is an incredibly good listener and has the emotional intelligence and the lived experience of having himself struggled mentally in the business environment. With James' help, I was able to develop practical strategies and behavioural nudges which improved my work and overall health. James would be an asset to any business which is serious about helping improve the health of their staff and unlocking value in employees."

Jonny Forsyth, Director of Mintel Food & Drink
Mintel Group Ltd

"James is an inspiring speaker who helped our agency along our ongoing journey towards higher levels of sustainable wellbeing. Addressing the entire global team, or in his 1-1 work, Opinium has benefited greatly. From Intern to CEO. Can’t recommend him enough."


James Endersby, Chief Exec of Opinium

“If ever there was evidence that vulnerability is not weakness, James typifies that.

Very powerful.”

“Thank you so much for this afternoon James.  You were absolutely amazing and a real inspiration. It is so brave of you to speak so openly and honestly about your breakdown. My favourite quote is definitely 'if you don't make time for your wellness, you might have to make time for your illness'.  It really resonated with me - as I definitely don't make time for my own wellness at the moment. This is something I am definitely going to change.”

“One of the best guest speakers we’ve had.”

“I have never attended a talk as helpful, inspiring, and downright real as what you let us in on. You speak a lot of hard truths and, at a personal level, it is not only relatable but what needs to be heard.’”

“Your session earlier hit me in a way that I don’t think I was prepared for, but equally was just so incredibly timely. I ended up reaching a point early last week where I had to take some time off work, due to my mental health and being in a place in my own mind, feeling a way I had never had before. This is not something I had ever even contemplated doing before and I was so nervous of what people would think and what it would mean. The senior team have been very supportive and understanding, but equally I took one day off and I think expected that I would just ‘be better.’

But it also made me realise how important that conversation and honesty is. Apart from a couple of select people that needed to know, I shied away of telling junior team members the truth, out of fear of people not understanding. Your session made me realise though that the more that people do what I did, the more of a self-fulfilling circle it is. Especially when seeing the questions raised by junior team members at the end."

“Listening to James telling his story was utterly compelling and reassuring. But also scary at how easily we can feel like we are on top of the world, only to discover that we have been a frog in a bath of simmering water all along.  Never has there been a more important time to listen, talk and be true to yourself than now.  Thank you James”

“It has inspired both myself and another more senior person that I work with to open up and discuss struggles which we have both had, which I don’t think either of us would have been brave enough to do if we had not heard your story. We are already in discussions about the best way we can support each other and others around us.”

“I really just wanted to say thank you for opening up and sharing your experience in a such an honest way. That was honestly something I have ever seen anyone else do before, despite numerous other (good) mental health sessions that the company puts in for us.”

“Thank you so much for sharing today!  It was so brave of you and it was the most beneficial webinar I have been in over the past year. It's nice to know I'm not alone and shedding a light on this is super important.”

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